I spoke recently with a client (who is also a good friend), and the subject of blogging came up. I remarked that I haven’t blogged in a long time, as I haven’t felt inspired to blog about anything in particular. My client/friend replied that my blogs typically consist of complaints and rants about the petty annoyances we medical writers typically encounter. I realized she was right. If I haven’t been blogging lately, I must be pretty content, and I suppose I am. I and my family are in good health, and my business is doing well. I really have very little to complain about.

But is the lack of complaints really worth writing about? Does anyone really want to hear how well I’m doing, considering the challenges we’re all facing as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on? Moreover, how interesting can it be to read an “Everything’s OK” blog? Sounds kind of boring to me.

On the other hand, who wants to read a bunch of complaints? Don’t we have enough negativity in the world? And aren’t my complaints pretty small-potatoes, compared to all the crises threatening the climate, public health, the economy, our politics, and our sanity?

So enough with the complaining, at least for awhile. Having just lived through the Jewish High Holy Days, I’ve been more introspective than usual, and I realize there’s something to be said for expressing appreciation for all that is good in the world. I also have greater appreciation for the value of expiation for my sins. I therefore apologize to all whom I have wronged, or even merely annoyed, and I ask your forgiveness. And to everyone and everything that makes the world a better place, I’m awfully glad you’re around!

But check in with me tomorrow. I may feel differently after tonight’s presidential debate!