Peter D. SteinbergPeter Steinberg has over 20 years’ experience in providing specialized editorial services and strategic counsel to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical device manufacturers, managed care organizations and medical specialty societies. His range of offerings includes journal articles, abstracts, posters, press materials, patient and physician education materials, opinion pieces, newsletter articles, slide presentations, and other materials to support healthcare marketing and medical communications initiatives.

Peter’s career arc tells a story of ingenuity, persistence and serendipity. Back in 1987, his first year of business school, he realized he needed to land a plum internship. Lacking enthusiasm for the mainstream MBA career track, and hoping to develop his communications skills more finely, Peter gravitated to public relations. A family friend arranged an interview with a major New York-based PR firm, and Peter told his interviewer that his father was a physician. He was soon accepted into the firm’s internship program, and assigned to the Healthcare group. Somewhat to his surprise, Peter discovered he liked health and medicine. More importantly, he found he had a knack for the subject matter, and for developing written materials that advanced his clients’ marketing and communications objectives.

That internship turned into a full-time position, which in turn led to a series of executive positions at several other PR agencies. At each agency Peter became known as “the science guy”, the person who could immerse himself in a complex medical subject and extract its essence in clearly crafted prose. As his career progressed Peter expanded his range of expertise to encompass the realms of medical education, publications management, advertising and sales training.

Since hanging his freelance shingle in 2006, Peter has continued to specialize in the development and refinement of messages for medical professional and consumer audiences, based on analysis and interpretation of clinical data. His deep and varied expertise, combined with his keen editorial eye and attention to detail, allow Peter to traverse steep learning curves quickly, and to produce high-quality written materials for a variety of audiences.